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Maddy & Associates, LLC is commercializing traction control technology with simple patent pending technology to eliminate wheel slip on vehicles. This technology can revolutionize the turf industry, and has huge potential with agricultural equipment.

About Us

Gale E. Maddy, PE - President

  • Over 40 years in the hydraulics industry with two of the world’s best hydraulics companies
  • Licensed Professional Engineer (Kansas #8294)
  • B.S. Ag Engineering, Kansas State University
  • MBA, University of St. Thomas

Led the Introduction of the Parker Torqpact Integrated Hydrostatic Transmission

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Challenge: zero turn mower wheels that slip causing turf damage

Solution: transmission design that doesn’t slip

Functional Prototype

Business Partners

Current business partners

Near-term strategic direction

  • Manufacturers of┬ázero-turn mowers (primary target)
  • Manufacturers of agricultural equipment (to follow turf market success)

Long-term strategic direction

  • Hydraulics manufacturers (product-specific integration)
  • Electrical drives manufacturers (electrical solutions & hybrids)

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